Hurricane Season has Arrived: June – November

We had a very snowy winter and some employers were ready with an Inclement Weather policy…others were scrambling.  Just because it is summertime, you are not off the hook.  Hurricane season runs June to November.  With it comes flooding, power outages, you know the drill. If you still haven’t drawn up an Inclement Weather Policy, […]

Cupid’s Arrows Sting Employers

Yes, nothing like Valentine’s Day to make every romantic’s heart become soft and vulnerable.  Florists, Chocolate purveyors, and Greeting Card companies all rejoice over the ring of the cash register. Employers, on the other hand, have to be concerned about the mischief these warm feelings can cause in their workplace. Romance in the workplace is […]

Do You Work For Us?… Are you an Employee or 1099?

Picture this scenario. We are a small company.  We need an IT expert to help us make sure the software is up-to-date, the anti-virus actually works,  someone who can reset passwords and set up new computers.  We most certainly do not need a full-time employee – there probably is not enough work for a part-time […]

  Many businesses participate in providing summer intern opportunities.   And, why not?  It’s a ‘feel-good’ chance to give a student some real-world work experience AND gets some of that extra project work done or assists the business in keeping its head above water during the busy summer vacation season.   Some business owners also get […]

Jersey City Mandatory Sick Time Ordinance

What Businesses Need to Know: Concerned business owners are scratching their heads over how and why the Jersey City Council thought it necessary to institute their own version of employment labor law.  Others suggest this is just a copycat version of the NYC paid leave law.  Be that as it may, if you own a […]

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