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Compass Workforce Solutions provides HR services and solutions that address the specific needs of small to mid-sized businesses.

What makes Compass different is that we do not bill our services by the hour. Instead, we establish customized HR programs that make costs to the business highly predictable. This gives our small business clients top level HR capabilities, typically for less than the cost of an office assistant.

Our work is broken down into four primary categories:

Regulatory Compliance
This work includes wage and hour policies, new hire kits and any and all requirements and legal obligations an employer has to their employees.

Operational Controls
Developing policies and procedures so that employees know what to do, when to do it, what success looks like, what is expected of them and how to communicate questions and concerns. This provides structure to the hiring and terminating of staff to grow your business.

Workplace Conflict
This ranges anywhere from two colleagues who don’t get along and it impacts customer service all the way to conducting investigations for law firms so that they can effectively represent their client in an allegation of workplace misconduct such as unlawful harassment, discrimination or theft.

Payroll Preparation
An added value service we offer to simplify operations and management for our clients. Experienced staff at Compass handle transactions, changes and updates related to maintaining and fully leveraging your payroll system and software with a high level of confidentiality, back up and efficiency.


Examples and descriptions of the detailed work we engage in are provided below.

This includes an internal confidential review and evaluation of the existing HR practices to ensure compliance with all applicable regulation based on industry, location and employee population for Local, State and Federal employment laws including:

Employment eligibility – I-9 Forms
Required employer postings
Personnel files and employee recordkeeping
NYS employee notice letters
Employee classification – exempt and non-exempt, or 1099 status determination
Employee handbooks
Benefit Administration
Job Descriptions

Compass will work with you to develop and document required or employer-specific HR related policies, procedures and processes. CWS will also assist with introducing, implementing and communicating these policies with staff via written or face-to-face meetings.

CWS has an inventory of up-to-date forms and document formats that can be customized to your business that will meet NY State, NYC and NJ State and Federal requirements. Forms include but are not limited to:

Employment applications
Employment Agreements/Restrictive Covenants/Confidentiality Agreements
Employee Record Forms/Employee Change Forms
NY State New Hire Notification Letters
Offer letter & Termination Letters
Performance Evaluations
Disciplinary Action Forms

CWS is able to provide onsite and/or remote support to the company’s leadership team, managers and/or employees with a direct point of contact.

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