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Compass Workforce Solutions fills a gap in the current marketplace for companies that cannot or do not want to invest in a full-time HR department.

By customizing HR programs and processes to manage the myriad functions required to operate a business today, rather than forcing you into “big box” options, we are able to combine the best coverage with the least exposure from government fines and penalties.

Our years in the world of human resources confirms the comment “if you have people, you have problems”. We provide the tools needed to protect you from false accusations and inadvertent activities that are in violation of Local, State or Federal statutes. Working with Compass is simple and straightforward. We follow a disciplined three-step process:

  1. All solutions include an initial consultation with the business leader(s) to determine where there may be gaps in compliance and/or best practices to gain an understanding of the business’ concerns and goals.
  2. After the consultation, a recommendation is developed and conducted by Compass. The recommendation results are shared in a confidential manner with the business leaders.
  3. From the results, a plan is created in partnership with the business to address the needs and gaps that have been identified.

This consultative approach ensures clients are aware of regulations, utilizing the current required forms, maintaining appropriate records, obtaining employee acknowledgements, and providing required employee communications based on industry, location and employee population.

Christine Ippolito, Principal, on the Compass approach:
“Small businesses make up 85 percent of all jobs in the United States, and it is an area where our economy relies on new business, new technology, new developments and innovation. But it’s an underserved market in regards to professional services like HR. So you have very large HR consulting organizations but they don’t provide services to small business, or they don’t provide them in a way that makes sense for small business, with an understanding of small business, or with the budget requirements of a small business. Compass looks to fill that gap, providing small businesses with HR services and expertise on compliance with State, Federal and Local laws.”


Christine Ippolito Radio Interview

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