What Businesses Need to Know:

Concerned business owners are scratching their heads over how and why the Jersey City Council thought it necessary to institute their own version of employment labor law.  Others suggest this is just a copycat version of the NYC paid leave law.  Be that as it may, if you own a business within the confines of Jersey City, effective January 23, 2014 you will need to comply with this new law or risk fines and penalties.

The following are key factors you will need to know and consider:

Size of Business

Under 10 employees – you are required to accrue unpaid sick time.

10 or more employees – you are required to accrue paid sick time.

Accrual Amount – you are required to accrue one hour of time for every 30 hours an employee works up to forty (40) hours in a calendar year.

Eligibility – all employees that work at least 80 hours in Jersey City and are employed for 90 calendar days are entitled to use the sick time accrued.

Notice Requirements – all employers are required to notify the employee of the policy/ordinance at the time of hire (or upon starting work in Jersey City if employed at some other location) AND to have a poster displayed at the work location.  Fines are $100 per employee/$500 per location.


You are encouraged to read the full ten page text of Ordinance 13.097


What to do now – Plan to comply!

The law specifies a number of other requirements too specific to get into here (translation to foreign languages/retention of records/rehire requirements/time carryover provisions).

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