Christine Ippolito Discusses Best Hiring Practices in Newsday Article

Best hiring practicesNewsday’s Business Writer Jamie Herzlich wrote an article titled: The no-no of asking job hopefuls about salary history. The article advises employers to start revising their applications and hiring practices, specifically complying with laws that prohibit asking a potential employee about his or her salary. Compass WFS Principal Christine Ippolito has been advising their clients to do away with this practice since New York City passed the ban in 2017. Suffok’s ban went into effect in June.

Christine’s Quotes:

“Especially for smaller companies that don’t have access to good salary information, it was over-relied on as a way to set compensation for new hires,”

She said the ban:

“forces employers to be smarter about understanding their internal compensation practices. Employers need to understand what the market pays, what their employees are making and why, plus the value of each job to their organization”