Workplace Compliance Retainer Program

Workplace Compliance Retainer PlansDirect your employees to credentialed Human Resource professionals that know the difference between uncivil behavior, bullying, harassment, discrimination and performance feedback from their manager via our Workplace Compliance Hotline.

Employees are more aware than ever of their rights under employment laws. Employees often take their definitions of discrimination, harassment, leave requirements or overtime requirements from their friends, neighbors, social media, TV and movies that are misleading and inaccurate. Managers and supervisors even when trained can be a significant source of liability based on how they receive and respond to an employee question, complaint or concern.

Provide your employees with access to speak to a credentialed Human Resource professional that is well versed in employment laws regulations; knows how to answer employee questions and how to interpret employment policies and handbooks; and can take a complaint, get the facts and provide management with a detailed actionable report of employee concerns.

All it takes to initiate a lawsuit or government investigation is one disgruntled employee!

Our Workplace Compliance Retainer includes:

  • Dedicated phone number and email monitored and answered by a credentialed HR professional.
  • Wallet cards and communication pieces for employee communication and distribution.
  • Legislative alerts specific to your business size and industry via email and phone to your designated management contact.
  • Harassment & Discrimination Prevention Training that meets and exceeds the NYS requirement at $50.00 per employee/ 75.00 per manager/supervisor in our Hauppauge training center or via live webinar. Onsite Harassment & Discrimination Prevention Training available for groups of 10 or more employees.
  • A bank of consultant hours available for use over a 1-year period.

Workplace Compliance Retainer Options:

Compliance Retainer with 12 hours per year of HR services/consultation: $250.00 month

Compliance Retainer with 24 hours per year of HR services/consultation: $500.00 month

Compliance Retainer with 36 hours per year of HR services/consultation: $600.00 month

Compliance Retainer with 48 hours per year of HR services/consultation: $800.00 month

Compliance Retainer with 60 hours per year of HR services/consultation: $1,000.00 month

Workplace Compliance Retainer clients also are entitled to the following:

  • Returned calls or emails on a priority basis and within 1 business day.
  • Business owner and executive non-business hour access to HR consultants early morning, nights, weekends and holidays via direct dial phone numbers.
Retainer fees are billed monthly and due upon receipt.