COVID-19 Resources 

This page is to provide assistance to our clients and their employees and help navigate these new laws and challenges during this COVID-19 pandemic, we have posters and other information on some of the recent COVID-19 related legislation.

We understand that this can be very confusing and overwhelming during this time. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.  You can reach us at (631) 794-7400 or by email

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As businesses continue to reopen, New York State has issued industry-specific interim guidance, which includes detailed safety measures that businesses must implement prior to reopening, and once onsite business operations resume.  Prior to reopening, all non-essential businesses must complete the following compliance steps:

  1. Read its industry’s particularized reopening guidelines and have its owner or agent submit an online affirmation confirming that the business will reopen and operate in accordance with the State’s guidelines, which includes “daily health screening practices.” These guidelines, and affirmation, for Phase 2 non-essential businesses can be found here:

  1. Create a written business reopening safety plan and conspicuously post it in the workplace.  Businesses can use this template, provided by New York State, to create a safety plan, use our custom safety plan template . Businesses may also create their own safety plan in accordance with NYS and industry best practice guidelines.

We have developed critical tools to support business to reopen successfully including:

  • Custom Safety Plans
  • Return to Work Surveys
  • Automated daily health affirmations for employees

Contact us if you would like assistance with safety plans, return to work surveys or daily health affirmations.