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Flu Season Ahead

100 million work days were lost to the flu during the last flu season. That’s an estimated $10 billion in loss! And this doesn’t even cover days lost to employees’ needing to stay home or leave early to care for loved ones with the flu. So how does this happen?

You’re Going to Wear That…to Work!?

Many companies allow their employees to dress more “casually” during the summer months. It is fully understandable if employees want to wear more comfortable clothes when it’s hot and humid outside, but where do you draw the line? Wearing less clothing will help employees stay cool but it may give a bad impression if you […]

Workplace Etiquette – It’s Flu Season

“A recent study showed that a virus went from the front door to half the office in four hours!” Little Known Facts: The average adult brings their fingers to the nose, mouth or eyes about 16 times an hour. Coffee pot handles were some of the first places the virus spread. A workspace with plastic […]

Annual W-4 Reminder

As 2016 comes to a close, we encourage you to remind your employees to review their W-4 information and submit a revise W-4 if they have any changes…